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Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Xbox 360 Screens for Project Gotham Racing 3

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New Xbox 360 Screens for Project Gotham Racing 3

"Bizarre Creations, the developer of Microsoft's Project Gotham Racing games for Xbox, has released two new screens this week that the company insists are in-game screens for Project Gotham Racing 3. As you likely already know, PGR3 is slated for an Xbox 360 release sometime during the "launch window" (between November 2005 and March 2006, basically).

The quality of these two new screens is staggering, but their level of detail has also raised questions about their true in-game, non-rendered nature. The PGR3 screenshots previously released (see them here) didn't have nearly the level of detail of these newest shots.

Considering Microsoft is continuing to finalize and distribute final development kits for its Xbox 360, it's entirely possible that the screens below are, indeed, actual shots, and that the previously released shots were simply less-detailed due to their pre-alpha development status.

You can click on either of the images below to see it in a higher resolution, then judge for yourself whether these could really be the unaltered face of next-generation racing games."

These are very impressive, but is it pre-rendered?

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