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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

PlayStation 3 Aiming for Xbox 360 Compatibility?

PlayStation 3 Aiming for Xbox 360 Compatibility? DS and PSP to Share 360 Link?

"SPOnG had a meeting with a high-ranking executive from a platform holder last week. We had beers in the sun. It was all very pleasant. During our chat about the ins and outs of the games industry, we were told something that sounded too incredible even for our news pages.

“I saw a Sony PlayStation 3 presentation slide last week,” he said. “Guess what was on it.” We guessed a picture of our staff looking dubious. It wasn’t that. We guessed a PlayStation 3. We were told, “Of course a PlayStation 3 but what else…?” We gave up. With a crafty wink we were told, “A PlayStation 3 linking out to all sorts of things, being compatible with them all in some way. Guess what one of the things was.” We said we didn’t like guessing anymore and just wanted to know. “An Xbox 360! In some way, Sony is planning on making the PlayStation 3 ‘talk’ to the 360, though exactly what they are planning wasn’t explained.”

Our source was 100% explicit about what he saw and was 100% confident in his conviction. “The slide was shown to many delegates at the ELSPA summit. It was on screen behind the stage for a long time. I can’t believe no one noticed the Xbox 360 in the corner.”

Neither could we. It just seemed too far-fetched."

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