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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sony CEO talks about Playstation 3 CELL technology

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CEO of Sony talks about Playstation 3 CELL technology

"Sony's new CEO Howard Stringer explained that Sony will cut back on some of its research and development programs in an effort to put more focus on products that the company believes will allow it dominate once again. He emphasized two items that will likely be central to Sony's business for many years to come: the Cell processor, which will be used not only to power the PlayStation 3 but also many of Sony's electronics, and the much ballyhooed Blu-ray disc, which will be the standard hi-def format for the PS3 and the format that Sony hopes eventually replaces DVD in the marketplace.

'PlayStation is the largest chip eater. Leveraging game applications, we've got the most advanced [Cell] technology, which will give us high competitiveness. The next step is determining what applications we can develop on the Cell processor, for which we are launching a project,' said Sony president Ryoji Chubachi"

Not too much new here.

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