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Monday, June 27, 2005

Nintendo Patents Possible Revolution Controller Technology

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Nintendo Patents Possible Revolution Controller Technology

By: Richard Allen

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, on June 21, 2005 Nintendo has been awarded a patent on some new game system technologies. Here is some of the information avaiable through their website.

"Game system with tilt sensor and game program including viewpoint direction changing feature

A game system displaying a three-dimensional game space on a display includes a housing held by a player, a tilt sensor provided on the housing, a viewpoint coordinates determination mechanism for determining viewpoint coordinates in accordance with an output value of the tilt sensor, and a game image generation processing mechanism for generating a game image based on the viewpoint coordinates determined by the viewpoint coordinates determination mechanism. The game system allows the player to feel as if the three-dimensional game space is tilted in accordance with a tilt of a game device, etc., with a minimal processing burden. "

The patent application was filed for in May 19th 2003, so it looks like the original target for this techonology was the GameCube. I would imagine this would be a canidate for the Revolution.

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