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Friday, June 24, 2005

Microsoft explains 1 billion goal with Xbox 360

Microsoft explain 1 billion goal with Xbox 360

"If you don't have dreams you have nightmares baby. Twenty five years ago Microsoft said 'let's put a computer on every desk in every home' and everybody thought that was nuts. The people who didn't think that was nuts went off and built very successful companies which changed the world.

I look at gaming and I think there's a false positive in the business where year over year numbers look very good. But we're in an entertainment medium which forces you to buy new stuff and obsolete ourselves very quickly, that's slowing down. We're the entertainment medium which forces you to pay $50 for our experiences, it's unsustainable. We're in the business that's facing higher production costs and we're not going to be able to increase the price of the consumer material. So I look at it and say, it looks good on paper, but if we want true growth we need to grow the market. Collectively we're not doing a good job, so we're not going to sell a billion Xbox 360s, I mean I'd love to, but collectively between handheld, PC and all the consoles, if the industry aspires to be as big as movies, music, TV, books, all the other entertainment mediums then a billion is a good number to aim for.

We could say "We want to be as big as books" but what does that mean? No a billion is a good number to hang your hat on, that's better than saying "we want to be as big as music". Let's go get that audience, that was the challenge I was throwing out to the whole industry and I think everybody has got to go and do their part. The way you guys write about it needs to be more inviting, to explain to people what's exciting about it. What game creators, what the hardware makers, how retail positions it, let's all step it up a notch, because everyone wants to play and it's an unbelievable entertainment medium. Let's step back and go get some more, that's what I meant."

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