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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Xbox 360 Operating System Tid Bit

Microsoft discuss Xbox 360 Operating System

"'It's actually derived from the old operating system, so while we use off the shelf parts and if you use the old system, you can see why from a hardware point of view. From a software point of view we looked at some of the core for Windows which was customised around game developers' needs and we've basically taken that same software base and adapted it to the hardware and then enhanced it. So from a game developer point of view, we talked to the Rare folks and we announced we'd moved Kameo from Xbox one to 360, they bought Kameo over to the Power PC platform, I think it took them four weeks, thirteen months ago. If they were to go though that same exercise today, I think it would take a game designer about two days for the same process.'

'Two days of effort to get there, much more effort to take full advantage of it. The APIs are the same, the base system is the same and we've actually taken a lot of the complexity out. The Friends list? The Friends list UI is built in, so we've actually simplified some aspects of the operating system.'"

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