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Thursday, June 23, 2005

E3 Demo Only Represents 75% of PlayStation 3's Power

Retail PlayStation 3 more potent than E3 demo?

"Japanese site says Sony’s PlayStation 3 demo was running on an inferior developer kit that’s 75% speed of final version

Back at Sony's PlayStation 3 presentation at E3, the company and its publishers showed off a number of demos and presentations, some of which were running in real-time on a developer's prototype machine. Naturally, one of the questions that were raised by the audiences was whether the actual console--which hits stores in spring 2006--would be able to run its games with as much graphical integrity. The answer is yes, according to Web site ITmedia, which reports that the finalized PS3 will be exceedingly more powerful than its current developer’s machine.

ITmedia revealed that the Cell chip used in Sony's current PS3 developer machine is running at only 2.4GHz, which is just 75 percent of the actual speed of the machine's final spec of 3.2GHz. The report also reconfirms that the graphics processor unit used in the machine is not the real RSX chip that will be used in the final product, but another GPU that Nvidia has yet to officially announce."

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