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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Does the Phantom Live? Interview with Kevin Bachus

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Does the Phantom Live?

"Infinium's President and COO Kevin Bachus Defends His Phantom Console From Critics Who Doubt its Existence.

Infinium’s Phantom game console/service has probably inspired more accusations of vaporware than any proposed video game product, ever. Promising to offer a vast library of downloadable PC games, the Phantom aims to create a true game-on-demand network with its streaming technology. Early on after its announcement in 2003, the Phantom was the subject of a withering investigation by tech site, which did not find Infinium’s PR claims to be credible, and doubted whether the device itself even existed. When former Xbox visionary Kevin Bachus was hired as Infinium’s president and chief operating officer a year and a half ago, the company gained a good deal of credibility. However, with one postponed launch date in November 2004 and a no-show on the floor at E3 2005, the Phantom is once again getting a lot of skeptical media attention. Does it really exist? According to Infinium’s Kevin Bachus, yes it does—and he says it’s coming soon. After demonstrating the device on Attack of the Show, Bachus sat down for an interview to shed some light on the Phantom."

There is a flash video and complete interview available here. Kevin used to be on the original Xbox team. Infinium Labs has secured his talent to help launch the Phantom. The Phantom is not exacly a game console, but more a service box like TiVo. The Phantom will be able to stream all content from servers and does not appear to have an optical drive (just a hard drive). The concept is sound, who wouldn't just want to log in and download the first 15 minutes of content to the latest title to see if they like it.

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