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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

APB MMOG coming to Xbox 360 in 2008

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APB MMOG coming to Xbox 360 in 2008

By: Richard Allen

According to IGN and GameSpot, publisher Webzen will be bringing APB to Xbox 360 as well as the PC. This game will be developed by Real Time Worlds and designed by creators of the original Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Originally this was announced as only for the PC. Rumors surfaced about a possible Xbox 360 release and now it has been officially confirmed by both developer and publisher.

"We are confident APB will take full advantage of Xbox 360's impressive capabilities"
Webzen CEO Nam Ju Kim

"APB brings players into a living, breathing city where money is rules and territory equals respect. In a fight to dominate the massive world of APB, players must decide which side of the law to abide by, choosing to form Law Enforcement, who seek to uphold the law, or Gangs, whose aim is to break it. APB will provide players with the ultimate customization options from their weapons, vehicles and clothes to their attitude, music and environment.

APB (All Points Bulletin) is a complete free style game based on the real world. The players have to choose whether to be on the ‘Law Enforcement’ or the ‘Gang’. To be good or bad, it is your choice." [more]

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