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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Xbox 360 Boycott Poll brought to you by GamePolitics

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Take the Xbox 360 Boycott Poll Here at GamePolitics!

"GamePolitics spoke and you listened. You didn't necessarily agree, but you listened. Except for that guy who called GamePolitics a dumbass. You know who you are...

Our call for a boycott of the Xbox 360 to protest Microsoft's complicity in Chinese censorship generated the most comments in GamePolitics' history. So it is the perfect topic to inaugurate our new poll feature. Polls will be updated regularly to reflect current events here at the nexus of video games and politics.

So go ahead. Rock the vote..." [more]

Vote Here: (Upper Right Side)

Evidently this site is encouraging a boycott on the Xbox 360 due to Microsoft's stance on curbing political voices in China. This is an outrage. People should be boycotting Xbox 360 based on the fact that it will be an inferior machine to the PS3! He He He He :)

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