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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Next Gen Strategies from 5 Japanese Publishers

Next Gen Strategies from 5 Japanese Publishers

By: Richard Allen

Seems to be some doom and gloom out there about the next gen system developement costs and number of games. I for one don't think less games will be a bad thing. Hopefully this will help to stem the tide of clone games that end up in the bargain bin a few months after release. Since the gaming industy is moving from a virtual cottage industry into something that resembles the movie industry, developers are already hard at work consolidating their forces and making long term plans. If things go just as they have in the movie industry you can expect the developer market to shrink in terms of how many companies are actually developing games. Gamespot interviewed 5 japanese publishers in reference to the next gen consoles. They each give some insight on what is happening and what is bound to happen to the video game industry.

Story: Japanese publishers talk next-gen strategy; Konami making 360 title

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