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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lucasarts reveals NextGen Indiana Jones game for 2007

Lucasarts reveals NextGen Indiana Jones game for 2007

By: Richard Allen

Peter Hirschman, vice-president of product development at LucasArts, spoke to @Play about the future of the Indy franchise on the big screen and at home on the next gen consoles. Some of the features discussed include the game tie ins, such as locations, scenes and characters that foreshadow events in the next Indiana Jones movie. The yet to be titled game will take advantage of the next-gen systems cutting edge power yielding extraordinary realisim and keen artificial intelligence. This game will span the globe and promises to have all the action and adventure of Indy's classic tales.

Here is an portion of the interview:

"Q: A long those lines, you've announced a new Indiana Jones games. Does that mean the game will tie in with the long-awaited new Indiana Jones film?

A: Indiana Jones. Has there ever been a better character suited to video games? I don't think so.

Indy and the Indy games are things we're really excited about internally, and it's great to see the reception the announcement's gotten here at the show. It's really gratifying, actually. Our plan for the Indy game is to be out in 2007 on next-gen consoles. The plan for the movie is to also come out in 2007, pending script approval. I wish I could give you an exclusive here, but everything you've read is true: they're waiting to find just the right script. Indy is such a special character, and his movies are held in such high regard that I think George [lucas] and Steven [Spielberg] and everyone involved only want to move forward if it's something truly worth doing. That said, they're shooting for a 2007 theatrical release.

Our game is going to be tied into the movie in the sense that we'll have locations, scenes and characters that foreshadow events in the movie. But the movie is going to be taking place chronologically in a later time frame. We're doing an Indy adventure in the classic Raiders timeframe of the late 30s. The Nazis are the bad guys, there's a race against evil to get something that has the potential to change the course of humankind. So we'll have a great tie-in to the film, but it will be a brand new unique Indy adventure. And again, that great combination of being able to go see the film, be excited and enjoy that Indy experience, and then go home and be able to play in the Indy universe, go on their adventure and shape Indy's destiny with their own hands."

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