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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Why the Xbox 360 Missed the Boat with the Xbox 360

Why the Xbox 360 Missed the Boat with the Xbox 360

"A lot of noise has been made about the graphics capabilities of the Playstation 3, the XBox 360, and the Revolution. Sony stunned much of the E3 crowd with eye candy showing off Killzone PS3, Fight Night 3, Motor Storm, and more. A quick overview of the demos lead many people thinking that the PS3 is all about amazing graphics.

ATI recently spoke up saying that the XBox 360 will have the same graphics capabilities, if not better than the PS3. This is an impressive feat. Surely Microsoft has the killer console if they have a slight edge in graphics. Right?

I really don't think so.

The PS3 will have amazing processing power under the hood. The Cell processor will be able to calculate at 2.0 TFLOPS compared to the XBox 360s 1 TFLOP. Who cares. This isn't going to effect the graphics, so who cares? Right? That's exactly what Microsoft is hoping people will be thinking and saying." [more]

Anonymous Anonymous
did you count in the 360s unified shader? no i dont think so  

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