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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Microsoft to Announce Xbox 360 Delay in Japan?

Microsoft to Announce Xbox 360 Delay in Japan?

"On July 25th, Microsoft will be hosting an event in Japan to officially unveil the console in the land of the rising sun titled 'Xbox Japan Summit 2005'. Microsoft is reportedly going to have an unveiling on an 'E3 scale' according to sources, and we've been told that we'll be seeing more from Japanese Xbox 360 developers such as Mistwalker, Q Entertainment, Square Enix, Tecmo, as well as a few surprises. There will be a number of new titles shown, and playable software.

Unfortunately, we have just learned rather rumor-worthy from an inside source that Microsoft will be dropping one bomb that no one would expect -- the Xbox 360 will not launch in Japan this year. At E3 Microsoft initially touted that they would have a worldwide launch by the end of 2005, but our sources have informed us that Japan's Xbox 360 release date could slip until Q1 2006, and most likely the system won't launch in Japan until March.

The Xbox has been a complete failure in Japan, and last year the original PlayStation outsold it. With the exclusives secured from Japanese developers for the Xbox 360, down to the design of the system, Microsoft has been doing everything in its power to change the mindset of the Japanese gamer. But if the Xbox 360 is delayed until Q1 2006, Microsoft will be releasing the system the same time rival Sony will be launching the PlayStation 3.

While we've not recieved any official confirmation from Microsoft on this news (Microsoft doesn't comment on rumors or speculation, etc.), we're betting that if this information is true, it's because either Microsoft can't produce enough consoles for a worldwide launch, or the Japanese software launch won't be strong enough for launch, or both."

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