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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nintendo Revolution (Recap)

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Nintendo Revolution

"Our first two installments of IGN Wired focused on how the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will make use of their various connectivity features. The Xbox 360 appears to have its strengths in both Microsoft's mature Live online gaming component, which will feature micropayments for game add-ons and more community-friendly features like the Gamer Card, as well as the system's ability to act as a Windows Media Center Extender, allowing owners of a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC to stream video and audio content to their living rooms. The PlayStation 3's unique features lie in its ultra-fast connectivity (built-in gigabit Ethernet), its IP-based camera for use anywhere in the world, and its add-on hard drive that will ship with a version of Linux, allowing gamers to use their PlayStation 3 as not only a gaming device but an all-encompassing PC in the living room for generalized Internet access, audio and video playback and more.

While Microsoft and Sony both appear to have strong network and online functionality, Nintendo isn't allowing itself to be left behind. Many of the Nintendo Revolution's features have yet to be announced, such as its always-mysterious controller, but some of the coolest features that are known are with regards to its online capabilities."

So little news about the Revolution out there, so I thought I would post this recap.

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