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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Microsoft to showcase Xbox 360 at an event in October

Microsoft to showcase Xbox 360 at an event in October

"Software giant Microsoft and the biggest threat to the Playstation brand name of Sony Microsoft has announced confirmed plans to unveil its Xbox 360 next-generation gaming console to the media and press personals in Europe later this year in October. The location has yet not been revealed.

Microsoft would be holding their forth event about their Xbox gaming machines first of which was held in Cannas. This coming event would take place on October 4 and October 5 and more details about this upcoming gaming console from the company are expected to be revealed. The media is quite curious about Xbox 360 as many questions are yet to be answered by the company.

This includes whether the console would indeed come with support for HD DVD standard to give Sony PlayStation 3 capabilities to play Blu-Ray some competition (confirmed by the company). The company has also not exactly clarified on the compatibility with games made for the original Xbox especially after their collaboration with Nvidia for backward compatibility.

European Xbox vice president Chris Lewis said in a statement about this latest news: “we have a lot to say and even more to show people…believe me, after X05 there will be no question that Xbox 360 is the next generation.”"

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