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Friday, July 15, 2005

Pure Pwnage Videos - 400,000 noobs pwned

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"400,000 noobs pwned, Taking noobs to school since 2004"

"Pure Pwnage (pronounced "Pure Ownage") is an internet video series by ROFLMAO Productions featuring a Canadian named Jeremy who is a pro gamer and his roommate (and brother) Kyle. The show is essentially a comical satire of the "gamer's life". Settings for the show include Toronto and occasionally Calgary. Jeremy reveals to the viewers throughout the series what it is like to be a pro gamer. He claims to have so-called "Über Micro" which he shows to fellow gamers as a way of communication.

The show is filmed by a film school student soon to graduate, but their site says they may go into full time production after graduation."(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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