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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Death Of Gaming

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The Death Of Gaming

"Fore note: This article is written by a hardcore gamer, and the target group that this article is meant for is the heavy casual to hardcore gamer. This article is for those that own a decent computer, a current generation gaming console with a library exceeding 15 games, and has a DVD player or decent multimedia center. If you do not fall into this group then some of these statements may not be true to you. However I do feel that your course of actions should be the same as I advise for the hardcore gamer, though you may have less of a reason to agree with me (Mainly in the “Less Focus On Games” section). " [much more]

This is a one-post blog that seems like a laudry list for why the video game marketplace is moving in the wrong direction. It's quite a long read, can't say I agree with him too much, but it's interesting nonetheless. Its very drawn out it contains a summary and a conclusion!

Anonymous ^^^TOTO^^^
He contradicts himself like 50 times.  

Blogger D.Vader
I was just putting it out there. I didn't say it was a qualified opinion. Honestly I stopped reading about half way through. Sounds like a big cry baby!  

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