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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rambus believes PS3 will drive faster memory

Rambus believes PS3 will drive faster memory

"Memory technology developer Rambus hopes the widely-anticipated graphics performance of the upcoming PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console will push PC makers to adopt the company's technology, Rambus CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Harold Hughes said in an interview last week.

The PS3 will go on sale next year and is widely expected to set a new standard in gaming graphics. The PS3's ability to render realistic images will raise peoples' expectations of their PCs, and vendors will have to respond by boosting PC graphics performance, Hughes predicted.

"That's where the next generation of PCs will go," he said.

New processors by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices will help deliver this performance but memory will need to match the faster processors and that's where Rambus comes in with its XDR technology, said Hughes.

XDR will be used with the PS3's very powerful Cell processor, which has 8 cores, and which will perform about 35 times faster than the processor in today's PlayStation 2s, console maker Sony Computer Entertainment hopes. The Cell uses 256M bytes of Rambus' XDR DRAM (dynamic RAM) running at 3.2GHz, according to the company." [more]

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