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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Move over Revolution, here comes the Generation NEX!

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Move over Revolution, here comes the Generation NEX!

By: Richard Allen

Standing only 1.5 inches tall, when released, the Generation NEX will be the first 2.4GHz wireless controller based console on the market. Now that is quite a feat for an 8-bit system that really shows it's age around these younger hipper systems. The company that brings this to you started with humble beginings in 2004 manufacturing game accessories for classic consoles. Items are tested, prototyped and marketed here in the USA, but most of the manufacturing takes place in Asia. Beyond wireless controllers, this system sports some major improvements over the old box some of us grew up with. For one a rumble feature is available on any of the NES classic games. Also for those importers out there the cartridge slot is dual port with support for NES and FamiCom.

Slim Sexy Design
Built in 2.4GHz Wireless Support
New Rumble Support
Dual Cartridge Slots NES/FamiCom
Stereo and Dual Mono
Includes One Wired Controller
AV & AC Accessories
Operation Manual
Platform: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System®) & FamiCom™
Category: Console / Wireless
Product: M1983

“With the release of Generation NEX, we want the core gamer to know that we have not forgotten our roots. Classic gaming is where it all began and with Generation NEX the classics will live on. All gamers will love playing their favorite retro games on the Generation NEX and enjoy them with a new passion.”
  • Brad Strahle, Messiah’s Entertainment, Inc. President
Generation NEX will be released in September of 2005 with a suggested retail price of $59.99.

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