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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Modders Hit back at ESRB

Modders Hit back at ESRB

"Patrick Wildenborg, the modder who first publicized GTA's Hot Coffee minigame hack, sent along to 1UP a letter from the administration of, the center of the GTA modding scene, addressed to the ESRB. It's a brief but effective notice. Attached is the message sent to Clinton and Yee, the subject line of which reads, "The ESRB has lied to us all." The texts of both the note to the ESRB as well as the letter to Yee, Clinton, and Jack Thompson follow.

The ultimate message--that the original "Hot Coffee" minigame is not substansively different from other sex-based games content that got away with an "M" rating--is something that many fans would probably agree with. The letter also highlights the complaint many developers had that the ESRB standards are obscure. I don't know if it's a great idea to bash the ESRB, or whether someone like Jack Thompson is a guy who needs any encouragement (he's already going after The Sims 2 on his own, after all), but I can understand that the mod community feels threatened right now and unfairly targeted. Well, read the letter for yourself and make your own call." [more]

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