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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Xbox 360: Great looking games, but what does it do?

Xbox 360: Great looking games, but what does it do?

"You gotta love the PR hype and mud slinging that goes on during the run up to a really, really major competitive product launch. Sony and Microsoft are at loggerheads over their upcoming next-generation releases, and while we have all the tech specs (relatively) nailed and the hype about what will make each console Gods Gift to 14 Year Olds, what about the actual direction in which the two companies are pulling their franchises?

I attended an Xbox 360 briefing in my native Dublin last night and as well as seeing the pretty colours and the lovely logo plastered across the screens in front of me I had a chance to sit down - well, more stand around - with Xbox’s head honcho in the UK & Ireland Stephen McGill, and during our discussions he enlightened me as to where Microsoft thinks it's going with the Xbox 360.

First and foremost, the Xbox 360 is the centrepiece of Microsoft’s design to catch younger gamers with its media centre experience, making Microsoft the centrepiece of the living room by controlling everything from gaming to music to films." [more]

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