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Friday, August 26, 2005

Hitachi unveils world's first terabyte DVD recorder

Hitachi unveils world's first terabyte DVD recorder

"Japan's Hitachi Ltd. on Wednesday unveiled the world's first hard disk drive/DVD recorder that can store one terabyte of data, or enough to record about 128 hours of high-definition digital broadcasting.

Hitachi, Japan's largest electronics conglomerate, is still a relatively small player in the DVD recorder market, trailing industry leaders Matsushita Industrial Co. Ltd., Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp.

But it hopes its new line-up, which also includes models able to store 160 gigabytes, 250 gigabytes and 500 gigabytes of data, will help boost its market share and turn its loss-making DVD recorder business profitable in October-March, the second half of the business year.

"We entered the market last year and have only been able to grab about 3 percent of the market. It's been hard to earn a decent return on investment with such (low) volumes," Norio Ogimoto, general manager of Hitachi's storage media group, told a news conference.

"But we plan on being profitable with these new models given the volumes and prices we expect to see from them," he said.

Hitachi said the new models would be the first on the market able to simultaneously record two high-definition programs, and it hopes this will be a key selling point given the spread of terrestrial digital broadcasting in Japan.

The recorders will go on sale in Japan from next month. They are expected to retail from about 130,000 yen for the cheapest model to 230,000 yen for the one-terabyte recorder, which stores data on two 500 gigabyte hard disk drives.

One terabyte is equal to 1 trillion bytes of data. One gigabyte equals 1 billion bytes." [more]

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