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Friday, August 26, 2005

Origen 360 Update 08-25-05


Origen 360 Update 08-25-05

"The viral odyssey continues, new info included.

Last weekend Microsoft launched a cryptic new web site at The site is composed of a single page of flash showing a tree, a green bunny, and a numerical countdown in the background. This sort of thing is old hat to gamers already acquainted with Microsoft's previous viral marketing campaigns ilovebees and ourcolony. Considering the approaching launch window of Xbox 360, this time the stakes are a bit higher.

For a synopsis of what has already appeared on the site please see our original article.

Recently the site was updated with slight changes made to the original display. The bunny shape has been moved to the other side of the tree, which is now sinking into a black hole in the ground. The tree is also a slightly different shape and appears to be bearing fruit. A comparison between the two pictures is included below in an animated GIF that switches after a few seconds.

We've received numerous submissions concerning the meaning of this new viral campaign including hidden clues concerning the original post and the new update."

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