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Thursday, August 25, 2005

SEGASonic:TV Returns

Sega SonicTV Sega SonicTV Sega SonicTV


Episode 4 available on Friday 26th of August

UK 21st August 2005. The only Sonic the Hedgehog TV show available for download from the internet will be making its acclaimed return with SEGASonic:TV Episode 4.

There has been a 6 month wait for this new episode and is packed full of new material for viewers to watch. SEGASonic:TV, better known as 'SS:TV' is a fan made video in the format of a TV show providing the latest news, Sonic the Hedgehog media and fan creations.

Not only is the show back but it has had a cosmetic makeover according to the shows producer ManicVJ: "The way the show looks and feels has changed from the first half of the season, it will feel more like a TV show and will be giving the viewers what they want. This show is gonna rock!"

The show is also receiving high resolution support says the shows director, FastFeet: "The second half of this season will see every episode in high quality 640x480 resolution and in Divx video for best viewing quality. We want the fans to enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog through new mediums and SS:TV aims to do just that."

The show itself previously had 3 episodes which are to be re-released in a higher quality format for download. There are also plans to release SS:TV on DVD with plenty of unseen extras when the season finishes. This will be available from the Sonic Stadium store.

SEGASonic:TV Episode 4 will be released by FastFeet Media on Friday the 26th of August. You can download the show on the day from FastFeet Media ( and from the official mirror; Sonic On The Net (

= About SEGASonic:TV =
SEGASonic:TV was created in November 2004 by FastFeet Media. Even today it is the only show of its kind available to Sonic the Hedgehog fans, since the release of episode 1 in late 2004 the series has had over 500 downloads.

= About FastFeet Media =
FastFeet Media is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan website that is all about downloads and broadcasting. They are host to audio, video and many other mediums. They also freely dispense Sonic MP3's, Video and many other Sonic the Hedgehog related files.

FastFeet Media was created in October 2003 to help the Sonic Stadiums bandwidth problems by offering FTP services, ever since then FastFeet Media has grown to become the Sonic the Hedgehog community's largest media portal.

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