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Friday, August 12, 2005

KOEI confirms "Dynasty Warriors 5 Special" for Xbox 360

KOEI confirms "Dynasty Warriors 5 Special" for Xbox 360

"KOEI has confirmed that in addition to Ni-Oh for Playstation 3, Dynasty Warriors 5 Special will be unveiled next month at the Tokyo Game Show. With hoardes of warriors flooding the screen simultaneously, DW5 is a perfect choice to port to next-generation consoles.

Also revealed in the announcement is a Winter 2005 release, just a few months away. Given the relatively short turnaround time from development to release, we can't imagine a drastic improvement from the Xbox to Xbox 360 version outside of widescreen support, additional warriors on-screen and smoother renditions of previous generation graphics. We'll take an enhanced Dynasty Warriors sooner rather than waiting a year plus for an all-new version any day of the week."

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