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Monday, August 22, 2005

Man arrested for MMO mugging

Man arrested for MMO mugging

"When they are not sucking away the lives of millions of people around the globe, MMOs are providing a rich source of amusing and downright bizarre stories for the world's press. The latest example of MMO lunacy spreading into the real world comes from Japan, where a young man has been arrested by the police for virtually mugging people in the online game Lineage II. The Chinese exchange student was arrested by police in Kagawa prefecture, southern Japan, the Mainichi Daily News reports; although it is unknown what kind of charge they will try to pin on the man.

The perpetrator used a variety of bots to carry out his crimes which involved battering unfortunate players. These poor saps were then robbed of their possessions that were then sold on using a Japanese auction website. Because the mugger used a bot it was next to impossible for the victims to fight back. This kind of behaviour obviously steps past the boundary marked grief play and into the criminal world. The dividing line between RL (Real Life) and MMOs continues to dissipate at an alarming rate but at least it provides amusement to anyone not unfortunate enough to be targeted themselves. More as we get it."

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