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Sunday, August 21, 2005

SEGA looks at 360 to power new arcade cabinets

SEGA looks at 360 to power new arcade cabinets

"The new Lindbergh arcade board that will power the next generation of SEGA's gaming cabinets has been the subject of many rumours, mostly centered around the use of Xbox 360 hardware in its development and construction. According to new information from Japanese distributors it does indeed look like the Lindbergh is based on Xbox 360 hardware, much like their last board (Chihiro) used the original Xbox hardware as its base.

While this news is still far from official, past form and the persistence of the rumours certainly seem to indicate that SEGA will continue its partnership with Microsoft. This can only be a good thing for future owners of the Xbox 360 console, as porting SEGA's latest arcade hits to the console would be a comparatively simple and rapid affair. With House of the Dead 4 already being shown off and new versions of Afterburner, Sonic the Hedghog and Virtua Fighter under construction, SEGA look set to offer up high quality arcade action minus the screaming kids, dodgy hotdogs and pockets full of heavy coinage. We'll keep you posted."

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