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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nintendo's "Expand the Definition of gaming" Teaser Video

Nintendo's "Expand the Definition of gaming" Teaser Video

Puissance-Nintendo attended the Games Convention 2005 in Leipzig, Germany. They managed to get a video footage of a Nintendo Teaser entitled "Expand the Definition of gaming". [ View ]

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Teaser "Expand the definition of gaming"

Blogger Casey
This "teaser" expands the defintion of "wasting bandwidth".  

Anonymous Anonymous
Yeah, that was pretty retarded.  

Blogger D.Vader
Teasers tend to do that.  

Blogger Jeff Dixon
Wow. I can't believe they would spend all that time, to tell exactly nothing.  

Blogger D.Vader
Yeah but it sure was pretty.  

Anonymous Anonymous
oh my god... they're pretty full of themselves!  

Anonymous Bunnyspatial
I like the guy in the background whispering, "2k2." We are so hip. Watch us abbreviate the year in a cool way! Bleh.  

Anonymous Anonymous
IMO the only company that deserves to give themselves anywhere near that much credit is Sega.  

Anonymous Anonymous
You guys are dumb, go play xbox  

Anonymous johnny gray
you guys have no clue about what nintendo has done for the gaming industry.

although...i do admit that teaser did explain the definition of wasting bandwidth, like casey said. what a crock.

and it was pretty retarded...

but nintendo HAS always revolutionized gaming, starting with lightgun technology using the sharp solar cell in the 70's. in 1973 they made the first laser clay range, in 1974 a western style game with video footage that you could blast, which we've all seen before. nintendo made the first. hiroshi yamauchi transformed a card company into a living legend. sega hadn't even entered the home market when nintendo dropped their first home system, color tv game 6, then later color tv game 15. wasn't much by today's standards, but they sold one million each. two million sold, let's say at forty dollars each (the light guns sold for 30). not too shabby.

let's not forget the "game&watch", the most portable games ever made. for those who don't know, the name says it all. a wristwatch that played games. i mean hell dude, they pushed the semiconductor market through the roof, ordering unprecedented amounts, AND THEY STILL DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH. their distributors had to open seperate divisions just to make semiconductors for them. ricoh and sharp did this, btw. nintendo did have some thirty subcontractors.

dude they beat sid sheinberg of MCA universal over copyright issues of donkey kong (king kong, you know). after he got his ass handed to him in court (kong is a generic term in japan for a large ape). universal took them to court and the court awarded NINTENDO 1.8 million for universal wasting their time. what followed was a handful of other companies MCA screwed over suing them. universal settled with them all. atari was one of them.

and sega hasn't done much to push the envelope at all, with the exception of the dreamcast (one of the greatest consoles ever made, period.) sega makes arcade games. that's pretty much what they're good at. granted, they DID make the first 3D game (SubRoc-3D),but they haven't pushed the envelope since. with the dreamcast they intelligently picked up a technology that everybody ignored in the wake of 3DFX video cards with quality sacrified for speed, powervr 2. i had one of the original powervr cards, the mx400, and it was mindblowing how colourful, crisp, and clean they were.

sony sucks ass, too. they waste tons of ram. the PSX2 is still rivaled in speed by the dreamcast, due to a really poor rendering technique that renders off-screen graphics. dreamcast doesn't render anything you can't see, and thus is more efficient.

when the gameboy came out the sony engineering team was told off for not having made it in the first place. they ended up moving around engineers into other departments, and one was so ashamed he quit.

sony screwed over nintendo later, though, by refusing to sell them their audio processor. nintendo sound quality hasn't been the same since. besides, sony cdrom and the SNES cdrom addon were SUPPOSED to be compatible with each other's software, but we all see how that worked out. playstation was released, nintendo left in the dust.

mostly because faggots nowadays don't appreciate a good game, they just want to watch a damn movie with pretty graphics.

sony developers barely release anything worth playing. go into a store and look on the shelf, tell me what percent of those games are worth owning. square was the company that really helped bolster sony to begin with. i still have screenshots of FF7 in development stage *ON THE NINTENDO 64*. square ownz my ass, they rock all, but damn them for leaving nintendo like that. i guess they stopped being about the game and started being more about the money after FF6 (the best of the series. anybody who played the originals knows this. FF7 was good, but a lot of the characters seemed underdeveloped). i mean, cmon, all of a sudden cloud is eager to save the damn world? bullcrap. "let's save the planet!!! it's getting polluted!!!" fags. i swore when i realised i was playing a greenpeace game, no matter how awesome it was.

give me kefka, rocking the world with esper power anyday, with that weird laugh.



enough said. nintendo 0wnz j00.

and that video i downloaded sure did suck ass. i had to skip ahead around the gameboy part.

read up, the have every right to be full of themselves. it's like gene roddenberry not being proud of his works if they weren't.

-johnny gray  

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