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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Most Powerful New Console

The Most Powerful New Console

"Is it too early to accurately gauge which next-generation console is going to be the leader where raw processing power is concerned? Perhaps so, but that hasn't stopped critics and gamers alike from forming strong opinions about these attractive new machines.

According to a recent poll of more than 15,000 readers, nearly 55% or some 8,234 participants believe that Sony's PlayStation 3 will be the most powerful next-generation console. Meanwhile, 31% of those polled, or 4846 readers, believe that Microsoft's Xbox 360 system will offer the most processing muscle during the next round.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, scheduled to launch in America this November, aims to deliver gamers immersive new play experiences enveloped in high-definition visuals. The system will also capitalize on the company's well-established Xbox Live service, which promises to bridge distances and bring gamers together for online-based matches and tournaments. Games for the system look sharper and more realistic than ever before. In fact, titles like Gears of War show dramatic graphical enhancements over current-generation software." [more]

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