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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ten Hugely Over-rated Games

Ten Hugely Over-rated Games has a Top Ten of the most over-rated games ever (I suppose).

Here is the countdown:

#10 Half-Life 2 - [ Xbox ]
#9 Duke Nukem 3D - [ PC ]
#8 Halo: Combat Evolved - [ Xbox ]
#7 Jade Empire - [ Xbox ]
#6 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - [ PS2 ]
#5 Doom 3 - [ Xbox ]
#4 Gran Turismo 4 - [ PS2 ]
#3 Mario 64 - [ N64 ]
#2 Tomb Raider - [ PS2 ]
#1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - [ PS2 ]


Blogger M-Roca
I think Halo should be number one with GTA: San Andreas behind it. That Tomb Raider for PS2 is garbage, man. How did it get number two?  

Blogger Blunt
Well these are the "Ten Hugely Over-rated Games" it's not a good thing to be on this list.  

Anonymous Lectoid
I have to disagree with "Super Mario 64". That game rocked.  

Blogger Blunt
I agree...there are a few on here that were pretty damn good.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Violent games are (shooters etc.) are by definition, over-hyped. The peer pressure related to these games is very powerful. "If you don't like these games you are a wussy".

As for Super Mario 64, I can understand how some people think it's over rated. I will admit that I was a little disappointed by the game when I first played it in 1996, but really it was more about being disappointed by the n64 hardware than anything else.

For one, the n64 had some technical limitations, Mario 64 uses mostly 32x32 pixels textures, because of the small texture cache.

Also, levels are low on polygon because when flying up in the air, the n64 has to display the whole level on the screen at the same time. Much the same can be applied to Super Mario Sunshine.

That said, Mario 64 was all about gameplay. And by gameplay I don't mean "you have to collect stars and rescue the princess", I mean all the varied things you have to accomplish to get these stars, and the way Mario interact with the environment. The devil is in the details as the old saying goes.

Anyway you know where I stand...I could go on and on about it. Maybe that's because I'm currently reverse-engineering Mario 64 :)

Type Mario & Peach in google and the first result should get you to something interesting ;)  

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