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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Xbox 360 connector pics reveal inside story

Xbox 360 connector pics reveal inside story

"We had a chance to stick our nose behind the glorious and quite ready Xbox 360 console. We saw this unit at Siggraph last and we thought that you might be interested to know what are you going to be able to connect from the back of this console when it appears.

There are just a few ports on this relatively small console. As you would expect, one of the key connectors is for a power cable. This port is anything but exciting as it is using same old power connector and cable but you need it to provide some juice to the console. You can see this one at the bottom of the picture below.

The yellow cable at the top is a normal 100 bit Ethernet cable that will let you connect your console to the wacky world of the Internet. This comes as no surprise as many homes use DSL modems or similar devices, using a plain LAN connector to get on the net.

The black port and cable next to the LAN cable is a USB port. There may be more on the final unit. You will connect your Xbox 360 game controller to this and you might want to connect more than one at some point. We actually managed to have this controller in our hands and it felt just fine and dandy.

Possibly the most exciting connector is the video out connector. Many people might wonder how will you be able to connect your console on your TV or even a display. It turns out that at this point Xbox 360 can use Composite and S Video out, two standards widely used in the USA. We are sure that the console will come with SCART cable support for European market but we cannot confirm this yet. It's interesting that the Xbox 360 can be connected to VGA displays as the demo unit at Siggraph was using VGA 720P resolution.

We also learned that the console supports all the other HD resolutions such as 480P and the top of the notch one 1080i. Your next generation display or HD TV set would be just perfect for a new console but your old TV should be just fine."

Anonymous Anonymous
What a horribly uninformed article. Controllers connect in the back? No they don't. Apparently, they can, as they use a standard USB connection. But the standard wired conroller connections are on the front. Using the rear USB port in the display is just to keep things nice a pretty looking.  

Blogger D.Vader
I would imagine the USB port would be for recharging.  

Anonymous Lectoid
I think there are also two USB ports up front under that flap.  

Anonymous clarksburg
Iv been looking around the internet for some good quality scart cables so far they have either been really cheap and rubbish or expensive and good but I don’t want to be forking out loads of money every time I need a scart cable. I have ordered a few 2 metre scart cable for my projector to my xbox, its amazing.  

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