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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Xbox 360 Launch: Novemeber 4th?

Xbox 360 Launch: Novemeber 4th?

By: Richard Allen

It looks as though is very confident in their estimation of the Xbox 360's launch date. They have a big fancy flash animation, ticking down the very seconds until the machine is released. This isn't new years eve is it? Are we going to see a big ball come down a pole with a green X splitting out of the side when the machine is finally released? I for one will accept no less then fireworks!

Is this the real date? Or just more internet buzz? I doubt if some phantom website has any more information then the retailer's speculations on the date. The site was registered through, but the information provided is truncated.

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Anonymous Anonymous
the 360 is coming out november25 not the 4th  

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