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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Essential Mario 128 details emerge – GameCube code still intact

Essential Mario 128 details emerge – GameCube code still intact

"Speaking on Japanese radio, Nintendo producer and game creator Shigeru Miyamoto has let slip a few new details on the mysterious Mario 128, outlining the importance of the game in relation to the emerging Revolution controller.

Perhaps the most important element to be revealed is the relationship between hardware and software Nintendo plans on showing. According to Miyamoto, Mario 128 will be to the new controller what Mario 64 was to the analogue stick.

Furthermore, it’s looking as though multiplayer, or at least team elements will be included. Miyamoto mentioned that Mario will have a “new character by his side.” What this specifically means is anyone’s guess, though a break from tradition is looking likely.

During our exclusive one-to-one interview with Miyamoto conducted earlier this year, we quizzed the famed developer on all things Mario 128. Here’s what he said:
Question: So the first question has to be – where was Mario 128 at this year’s E3. This is the third year in a row the game hasn’t shown up. What gives?

Shigeru Miyamoto: Well, we are working on Mario obviously, for the Revolution console. We have a lot of different ideas that where’re looking at right now, so whether it’ll be Mario 128 or a completely different Mario, we’re not sure yet. But we will have a Mario game, for the Revolution. What I’d really like you to do is take a look at the new Mario for the DS, a brand new title. It has wireless play for multiple players to hook-up and is on the showfloor!

Q: But late last year it was underlined that Mario 128 would be a GameCube title. So when was the decision made to shift it across to Revolution?

SM: I said that? [Laughs] The decision was made to make that change during last year though I don’t have an exact date.

Q: Is it a port of the original code?

SM: The Revolution is going to have a lot of technological makeup from the GameCube, so obviously it’s [new Mario] going to be made out of the same things. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff. So we are definitely using that code, just enhancing it, optimising it and adding new things to it. The code exists! It’s still alive!
As you can tell, things have obviously progressed since then. You can read the entire interview here."

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