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Friday, September 23, 2005

Grand Theft Auto shots for PS3 show sex scenes

Grand Theft Auto shots for PS3 show sex scenes

"Rockstar will be in bother again

GRAND THEFT Auto developers Rockstar are once again putting themselves in the headlines the only way they know how, by courting controversy.

Just last week we reported that Miami anti-videogames crusader Jack Thompson has been complaining of attacks on his character by the company, and this week Rockstar has been stirring it up concerning their upcoming PlayStation 3 outing for the series.

A number of "leaked" screenshots for the next GTA game show what appear to be sex scenes in the game. For anyone who has been under a rock for the last three months, hidden sex mini-games are what set off the entire Hot Coffeegate scandal which saw everyone from nutjobs to Hillary Clinton weighing in on the anti-videogames racket.

Now Rockstar is stirring it up via said leaked images which may see us getting sex as standard with the next GTA game.

The antics of Rockstar may have their charms, but at the moment the company is running around like a spoiled brat which realises it can get more attention by whooping it up.

As we speak the ESRB is auditing every video game since mid-2004 for saucy content and they are threatening to punish companies for third party modifications with racy content. The anti-videogames lobby is going nuts and then some marketing guy comes up with the ideas like CitizensUnitedNegatingTechnology and this.

If anyone is wondering why they have to go and buy their games in sex shops we’ll be happy to pass on the questions to Rockstar PR hacks. Maybe then the firm won’t have so much time to cause trouble?"

Where are these leaked pics?

Anonymous Wasp
Whoever wrote this article is a dumb retarded idiot. There are no leaked screenshots of the next GTA game. You’re criticising Rockstar for something they haven’t even done. Fool.  

Anonymous anti-lying conspiricy theory
which lying cunt writ this article, there are no pictures ya wanker. dont ever write this shit again  

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