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Friday, September 23, 2005

Proof! Nintendo Revolution Controller is Tiring

Proof! Nintendo Revolution Controller is Tiring

"The discussion if the new Nintendo Revolution controller is any good is running hot. I found now a photo from the Nintendo Keynote speech that was held at the TGS 2005 proofing my point that the new controller makes your arm tired. See grandpa supporting his play arm with his other arm?

Ok, take it easy Nintendo fans, I am just making fun. The new Nintendo Revolution controller will open new doors for game play and I am all for innovation.

See photos from the keynote speech at Japanese Game Watch site.

There are some shots showing gamers in different positions using the new controller. IGN has a great backgrounder on the new Nintendo Revolution controller."

Anonymous Anonymous
hmm, are you stupid, or just an idiot? them man in the photo was simulating playing a fishing game (if you bothered to watch it through) and to my knowledge you have to cast a fishing rod with both hands. right. this just shows the level of technology nintendo is putting into the controller as it can make the fishing rod on screen seem heavy  

Anonymous Lectoid
Could be a few things. First off, you don't need two hands to cast off, unless your fly fishing. Though perhaps this gentleman uses two hands to fish.

Second, when making commericals, videos, movies, etc. there are numerous takes so maybe he was tired.

Another reason could be because he is an older person and maybe can't hold his arm still. There could be a number of reasons for this.

I do agree that holding your arm still while extended for a period of times becomes hard after awhile. Swinging your arm about gently does not.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Well, as they did say in one preview of the controller, it took a while to get the hang of the controller, and to figure out that you can simply rest the controller on your knee and swivel your wrist. Taking into account that they are in Japan, and they are sitting cross-legged on the floor, this is pretty hard to accomplish, especially for an old guy who's trying to fish.  

Anonymous Anonymous
By saying "take it easy" he meant for you to take it easy, not to get insulted. Hes obviously joking  

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