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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Japan Gaining Interest In XBox 360??

Japan Gaining Interest In XBox 360??

"According to native magazine Famitsu Weekly the Japanese public are showing a growing interest in MS' upcoming console. After the Tokyo Game Show where MS showed off such Japan favorites as Bomberman, Armored Core, and Ridge Racer the interest has definitely risen.

Far from it according to Famitsu interest in the console has jumped from 6% to 22% post TGS. Microsft did have games on the floor that mattered like 'Chromehounds', 'Ridge Racer 6', 'Ninety Nine Nights' and 'Enchant Arm'. The kiosks were always crowded to and attendees showed genuine interest in the system. Microsoft was also able to take some serious coin out of Sony's exclusivity bag by showing that franchises like 'Resident Evil', 'Armored Core', 'Gundam', and 'Bomberman' now had a new home.

Source: Famitsu Weekly Japan "

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