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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Toshiba strikes back at PS3 Blu-ray w/ 30GB HD-DVD - PS3

Toshiba strikes back at PS3 Blu-ray w/ 30GB HD-DVD - PS3

"Toshiba Corporation said Wednesday that the company has developed a 30GB dual-layer HD-DVD-R disc. The new disc capacity was approved at the DVD Forum's Steering Committee on Sept. 14th.

Toshiba previously announced that the HD-DVD format capacity would peak at a 15GB single-layer disc in February 2005.

The new 30GB dual layer disc puts a damper on rival Sony's Blu-ray touted capacity of 54GB on a dual-layer disc. HD-DVD is in battle against the Blu-ray DVD format, which claims higher disc capacity and enhanced security.

Blu-ray read technology will be incorporated into Sony's next-generation console, Playstation 3.

Toshiba's dual layer HD DVD-R disc is based on the same disc structure as current DVD discs and key manufacturing processes with the DVD-R to minimize disc production costs.

The company will verify compatibility of dual layer HD DVD-R discs on Oct. 17 and finalize the specification within year."

Toshiba, is this the best you can do? Blu-ray prototypes are up to 100GB and 200GB. I file this under "Ho-Hum, Yawn".

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