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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Revolution Controller Accessories Galore

Revolution Controller Accessories Galore

"The Revolution controller was finally revealed on Friday morning in Japan at the Tokyo Game Show. The reaction to it across the internet is a mixure of shock and awe. Hardly anybody expected a remote-style controller. Even we at GAF who have mysterious powers that allow us to see into the future did not foresee this strange iPod-like device. But we are going to tentatively say we like it. The potential is there so long as the game-makers are able to use it well in execution.

But debating the merits of the concept of the controller is really for another discussion. Today, what we are here to talk about is the Revolution controller's ability to plug into accessories. Sadly, including a lack of game footage, we only got a glimpse at a single accessory, the nunchaku analog stick. That's great and all, but we weren't satisfied. The Revolution controller clearly has potential for a truckload of accessories, bad and good, and we have no doubt that Nintendo, third party developers, and third party hardware makers will use and abuse this ability.

To give you a preview of what we think the accessories may end up looking like, we put together a number of [poorly done] mock-ups to show you a few accessories, some that we would consider essential and awesome, and some that we did just because we're weird like that. Let's begin with what we know Nintendo will be giving us." [more]

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