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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ditching The Revolution Name?

Ditching The Revolution Name?

"Has Nintendo begun the process of losing the nickname "Revolution?"

The latest pictures of Nintendo’s recently revealed Nintendo Revolution controller and console suggest that the company has altogether ditched the name “Revolution” for the system. When Nintendo last showed the system to the public, at E3 2005 in May, the company referred to the system as Revolution and even branded the temporary Revolution logo on numerous pieces of media. However, on Thursday when Nintendo revealed the system’s controller, the name “Revolution” was nowhere to be found.

Another interesting fact some reports have noted is that Nintendo seems to be favoring the Apple-esque white color scheme for its next-generation console, opposed to the black one it showed off during the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this year.

Nintendo in the past has already stated that the name Revolution would be tentative and later replaced with a final name. It seems that this transition is finally beginning."

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