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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Outfit Updated Impressions (Xbox 360)

The Outfit Updated Impressions (Xbox 360)

"Last week we traveled to Los Angeles for THQ’s second annual Gamer’s Day event where we had the chance to take a look at an updated build of The Outfit, coming to the Xbox 360. Together with developer Relic Entertainment, THQ is hoping to put some excitement back into the World War II combat genre that has been a bit uneventful lately. Focusing on massive firepower, over the top action and the ability to destroy just about everything in sight, The Outfit is looking to be a highly intense third person shooter that should offer gamers an explosive experience at their fingertips.

Blow Stuff Up

Designed as a combat intensive squad-based that makes use of strategic gameplay elements, The Outfit will take players back to the era of World War II as they confront the vile Nazi war machine with the latest and greatest weapons of that time period. Each of the game’s 12 missions will enable players to gain a number of action points that can be used to purchase additional weapons and upgrade a player’s arsenal. This includes buying everything from tanks to machine guns to bazookas and even the ability to call in for an artillery strike that is sure to level anything within the area.

Throughout The Outfit players will take control of a trio of hardened soldiers named Deuce, Tommy and JD. These playable characters will enable players to decide which character will serve as the squad leader for each mission and each will obviously consist of a unique set of skills and abilities. While THQ hasn’t been very talkative concerning the game’s storyline, we do know that The Outfit will revolve around the three playable heroes and their efforts to track down and stop a powerful Nazi general from continuing his onslaught against innocent civilians on his way to expanding Germany’s grasp on Europe. Each character’s skills will most definitely come into play throughout the game’s missions as different gameplay scenarios will require players to effectively coordinate their squad mates against the evil general’s forces. Of course there are sure to be a few bends in the road as we have been told to expect a few plot twists that will assure players’ interests are glued to the storyline as it unfolds through the action." [more]

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