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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Japanese Next-Generation Console Survey Released

Japanese Next-Generation Console Survey Released

"Info Plant, a Japanese polling firm, has released the results of a survey on the coming generation of console systems. The results, translated by consumer website GameSpot, puts the PlayStation 3 at the top of the most-wanted lists by Japanese consumers, with the Nintendo in second place and the Xbox 360 trailing distantly.

Of those surveyed, 72.3 percent expressed an interest in or stated an intention to purchase Sony's PlayStation 3, while only 21.9 percent said the same of Nintendo's Revolution. The Xbox 360 received interest from only 5.8 percent of respondents, though Microsoft will have a chance to make a stronger impression on the Japanese audience at the Tokyo Game Show this week. 21.5 percent said they had no intention of buying any of the three, preferring to stick with their current systems." [more]

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