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Monday, September 26, 2005

More cryptic info about Xbox 360 Origen

More cryptic info about Xbox 360 Origen

" has caused quite a stir in recent weeks. Over 600,000 gamers have checked out the site hoping to get some idea of its purpose, but with no luck. The wait looks like it may be about to end as the gates to Origen are about to open.

A press release from Microsoft has revealed that Origen is "A place to play Xbox 360 before anyone else. A place to play all the Xbox 360 launch titles. A place to take on other gamers." Even more cryptically, the release reads that the "European race for entry into Origen starts on 27 September 2005."

Exactly when things will be revealed on the 27th isn't known, but from the countdown on the site we assume it will be at midday. Check back tomorrow for all the info."

What enlightenment will OrigenXbox360 bestow upon us mortals tomorrow?

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Anonymous Anonymous
Doesn't anyone get it?

The Xbox 360 Gaming Lounge will open on the exact time that the countdown, well, counts down to.

See? Play other people, play all the games, and play them before anyone else.  

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