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Monday, September 26, 2005

Halo 3 to arrive in 2006. And 2007

Halo 3 to arrive in 2006. And 2007

"Give or take a year

Halo 3 (Click To Enlarge)- Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usHALO WATCHERS are in something of a frenzy with major retailers offering the game up for pre-order around Spring 2006 and a tie-in game expected around 2007 when the movie hits cinemas.

The only problem? Nobody is quite sure if Halo 3 will be released as a spoiler to the PlayStation 3 or if Halo 3 will be the tie-in game to the movie in 2007.

We think however that it's a safe bet to say that Halo 3 will be released around the same time as the PS3, with Halo 4 arriving in 2007 alongside the movie. We say this because ever since E3 2005 last May when the console announcements were first hitting the presses it had been much speculated and hinted at by Microsoft PR hacks that Halo 3 would be set up as a spoiler to the PlayStation 3, probably being released to within a week of its release.

Meanwhile Perfect Dark Zero can hold the fort as the launch title of the Xbox 360 and then in 2007 it'll be no bother to knock off another game to tie in with the movie, making Microsoft & Co lots and lots of money."

You heard this here first.

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