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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Iwata: Mario for Revolution launch

Iwata: Mario for Revolution launch

"Satoru Iwata has confirmed for the first time that current Nintendo planning slates the firm’s new Mario game for Revolution launch, it emerged today.

During an interview with hit and miss US games channel G4, conducted at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Iwata said, “I personally am pushing very strongly on Mr. Miyamoto to make Mario one of the launch titles for the Revolution. I hope that everyone [at Nintendo] is going to support it.”

Iwata also went on to discuss the Revolution’s controller. “What Nintendo really wants to do is expand the gaming population,” he said. “So how can we do this? I think the biggest concern that a non-gamer might have about holding a controller, is that the controller needs to be held with both hands and both thumbs need to move and react very quickly. This is very intimidating to them so we wanted to make the Revolution controller something you can hold in one hand, as if you were holding a remote control for you TV.”

The full interview airs on G4 on Tuesday, September 27 at 10pm ET / 7pm PT"

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