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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Revolution You Can Hold In Your Hand

A Revolution You Can Hold In Your Hand

"This Week: Knee-jerk reactions to Nintendo's bold new controller.

Probably the craziest news to come out of last week's Tokyo Game Show was the unveiling of the new Revolution game controller, which looks like a TV remote and tracks your movements as you point it at the screen. Read the full writeup, check out the images, read a short summary, or watch the unveiling on video. I'll meet you in half an hour.

Back? You've probably got a lot of thoughts about the controller. So did we. Here's a mostly-sorta-true account of a conversation I had with Bryn, our Sr. Console Editor.

Fargo: At first I was skeptical. I looked at the picture and saw the thumbstick and remote connected by a cord and I thought it was likely I'd trip or strangle myself. But it all made sense after I watched the press conference video.

Bryn: Yah, you really have to watch the video to get a feel for it.

Fargo: The pornographic applications are obvious.

Bryn: I can definitely see games that -- wait, what?

Fargo: The pornographic applications.

Bryn: What are you talking about?

Fargo: I mean, they're obvious. At first it wasn't clear to me, not until after I saw the video where the controllers slowly emerge from a sea of delicious milk.

Bryn: ...That aside, they did a good job of 'selling' the idea. I could definitely see how it would apply to, like, a first-person shooter.

Fargo: Or "Hilary Duff's Crotch-Grab."" [more]

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