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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Nintendo Revolution controller: not a sex toy

The Nintendo Revolution controller: not a sex toy

"Slashdong reports on the puzzling frequency with which gamers seem to want to believe that Nintendo’s newly unveiled Revolution controller is some kind of sex toy. They write, “I don’t remember anyone shoving TV remotes up their ass anytime in the last 40 or so years we’ve had them, so why start now, just because it vibrates?”

Good question. Why start now? Well, to somewhat answer the question, it seems that Nintendo’s new controller has really turned gamers on to the possibilities of nonstandard game controls. Gamers and game developers have been asked by Nintendo to think outside of the box about new games and new game actions that this controller could enable, and of course like the dirty gits we are, our thoughts immediately turned seamy." [more]

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