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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Logo

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Logo

"Amongst the slides shown at Satoru Iwata's keynote at TGS 2005 was the new logo for Nintendo's online service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Details and image inside.

The image can be seen below:

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However, this logo was only shown on Nintendo DS titles, and is presumed to be the Japanese logo after the decidedly slicker 'Blue Globe' logo used by Nintendo of America in their Wi-Fi Connection ads in cinemas. There was no announcement on which logo will be used for Nintendo Revolution titles.

Some have lamented that the logo is too simple and only reinforces the 'kiddie' image that Nintendo has built itself. However, the blue colour does at least stand out from its current position in the bottom left corner of the white Nintendo DS boxes."

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