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Saturday, September 24, 2005

So you want a Revolution ...

So you want a Revolution ...

"Nintendo released information Friday about its new gaming system, due out in 2006.

In 1889, Nintendo started as a playing card company. Today, Nintendo is the longest running company in the video game console industry, and its future just got a lot brighter.

Why, you ask? The Revolution is coming.

After many delays, Nintendo has released information regarding its new system. Under the code-name Revolution, the console is scheduled for release sometime in 2006. Last week Nintendo unveiled the system’s controller, and geeks everywhere were simply blown away.

The controller resembles a television remote control, complete with a directional pad, one large action button, a trigger, a few smaller buttons, and it is completely wireless. While all this may not seem wildly revolutionary, the main function of the controller is mind-blowing.

The Nintendo Revolution controller is completely motion sensitive, which opens the world of console gaming up to amazing possibilities. Imagine controlling Mario by simply pointing at your screen and flicking your wrist, or controlling Link’s sword with the movement of your own arm. While it might seem like a high-tech gimmick, the motion sensitive controller will allow the Revolution types of games which were previously unavailable.

The controller can use point and click functionality to operate as a wireless mouse. This would enable numerous of genres which once only worked on PCs to jump to the Revolution, such as strategy games.

The potential of this system is immeasurable. In a year, players could be using two of these controllers to realistically simulate drumming, boxing or anything motion could theoretically simulate." [more]

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