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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Xbox 360; to pre-order or not to pre-order - that is the question!

Xbox 360; to pre-order or not to pre-order - that is the question!

"So with EB Games running out of pre-order stock on their Xbox 360 bundles this week, we thought we’d have a look at the situation of Xbox 360 pre-orders across the US and UK. This is an incomplete list and is only intended as a quick sweep of game retailers offering Xbox 360 pre-orders.

GAME stores (UK) - Cannot guarantee delivery by Xmas
HMV (UK) - Taking pre-orders, no mention of guarantee
Gamestop - Launch stock available
EB Games - No launch guarantee
Wal-Mart - Launch stock available
Amazon (UK) - No launch guarantee
Amazon (US) - Some bundles unavailable
Comet (UK) - Launch stock available (£10 deposit required)
PC World (UK) - Pre-orders available (no mention of shipping date)
PC Mall - Pre-orders available (no guarantee)

As you can see, the policies of the various retailers are very confusing. In the main, retailers are taking pre-orders but without the guarantee of shipping the console on the release date. That kinda questions the point behind pre-ordering a console, since people usually pre-order to get the device before everyone else.

Joystiq’s advice? If you’re desperate for an Xbox 360, pre-order now. But to everyone else; either wait until you can have a go with the Xbox 360 yourself, or (if you’re really frugal) wait until the competing next-gen consoles are out to make your buying decision. Waiting until all three consoles are out will have several benefits. One, most hardware and software bugs will be ironed out by then. Two, the consoles will have more and better games a few months into their respective launches. Three, prices may go down. Four, you’ll be able to try out each and every console to see which one suits you. It just makes sense to wait, doesn’t it?" [link]

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